Gala Microfiber Advance Floor Cleaning Cloth(Pocha) for Mopping – White, Pack of 2 (163054)

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  • Power of Microfiber for home and floor cleaning: Gala Microfiber advance cloth is made from high quality Microfiber which cleans the surface perfectly and removes hair and dirt particles easily. Microfiber technology that is used in spin mops now available in traditional pocha
  • Lint free, scratch free cleaning for your car: Microfiber cloth does not leave any fluff when used. Being free of lint also means the cloth is less likely to build up a charge, which can cause electronic discharge which can damage electronics of car and bike
  • Wet mopping and dry dusting: high absorbent Microfiber cloth provides better cleaning in wet and dry-cleaning application compare to regular cotton cloths
  • Covers larger surface area compared to a regular pocha: Microfiber can absorb water easily which helps it to cover larger area in single dip in the water. Large size Microfiber cloth made of 43 cm x 52 cm cloth is bigger than your regular cotton floor mop and cleans a larger surface area in a single stroke
  • Reusable & long lasting: Gala Microfiber cloth is easy to wash and it dries easily making it more durable and long lasting than traditional floor cloth
  • Light weight high absorbent Microfiber: Microfiber cloth is light weight, but it still can absorb far greater quantity of water compare to same size floor mops
  • Easy on hands: super soft texture for rich feel and is easy on hand unlike rough cotton paucha will leave a mark on your hand. Also, the Microfibers attract dirt and dust, and there is no need to use a lot of force during cleaning

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