New Release Power Accessories:

Power Accessories

Keep your electronic equipment and mobile devices ready to use with our extensive line of Power Accessories including: Cables, USB Chargers, Power Inverters, Hubs, Battery Banks, and Universal Power Adapters. Wherever you are, whenever you need power, we’ve got you covered with accessories that charge, split, convert, and adapt power to fit your needs.

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Tidy Up! Wire Bin (Black)

35 Votes
Rs.599 Rs.999

Tidy Up! Wire Bin (White)

35 Votes
Rs.599 Rs.999

Syska 3-Socket Surge Protector with USB (White)

3 Votes
Rs.510 Rs.1,999

Honeywell Platinum 5 Port Surge Protector (White)

2 Votes
Rs.1,659 Rs.2,679

Honeywell Platinum 6 Port Surge Protector (White)

2 Votes
Rs.1,429 Rs.2,119

Honeywell Platinum 4 Port Surge Protector (White)

1 Votes
Rs.1,000 Rs.1,679

Philips SPN1358WD 5 Way Extension Socket

3 Votes
Rs.948 Rs.1,399

Huntkey-6 Sockets Power Strip 2 M Power Cable

3 Votes
Rs.755 Rs.1,027

Frontech Spike Buster JIL - 3513 5 Meter

3 Votes
Rs.369 Rs.495

Philips 6A 4-Way Spike and Surge Guard (White)

0 Votes
Rs.499 Rs.600

Anchor 22637 Spike Guard

0 Votes
Rs.599 Rs.742

REO Blackleo 4 Way Surge and Spike Guard (Black)

0 Votes
Rs.300 Rs.379
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