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Navraj Spin Mop with Bucket and 4 Additional Refill

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More strong and durable plastic. Simple and convenience design including bucket for washing and spin-dry device for dehydration. Natural ergonomic design provides a more convenient holding position. Attached spin-dry device dehydrates almost 100% water content without wetting and dirtying to your hands while usage. Magic mop cleanses and dehydrates without power supply. Swivel, bend and round mop-head design can clean all corners of your house. Antiseptic and wear-resistant nano superfine fiber for easily cleaning, dust, oil and water absorption , applicable for all kinds surface, floor, window, kitchen,bathroom,factory. Features: high-efficiency floor cleaning 360 rotating washable mop it has the flexible plastic handle no spills, no shock and no damage to floors microfiber mop head works great wet or dry keeps your hands out of dirty water no power consumption and eco-friendliness A longer and sturdy puller handle helps to carry the bucket with ease from one place to another Helps you to clean the floor without getting down and dirty 360 Degree cleaning, reaches under furniture and hard to reach areas and provide effective cleaning