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The performance, reliability, and cost of any industrial components and joints depend on two things:

1) their physical construction. Physical construction refers to shape and dimensions.
2) the materials of which they are made.

So, the materials used in a product have a huge impact on the product’s success. The materials selection process for a component or joint between components involves these steps:

Identify the design requirements
Identify the materials selection criteria.
Identify candidate materials.
Evaluate candidate materials.
Select materials.

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3M AREX049 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plugs, Pack of 50

64 Votes
Rs.500 Rs.850

Omron HEM-7121 Blood Pressure Monitor

39 Votes
Rs.1,673 Rs.3,270

3M 9004GV Anti Pollution Mask (Pack of 3, Grey)

21 Votes
Rs.140 Rs.141

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

17 Votes
Rs.719 Rs.1,500

Rudham Disposable Gloves, 300 Pieces, Transparent

17 Votes
Rs.65 Rs.199

Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor with Fit Cuff

17 Votes
Rs.3,299 Rs.4,345

IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope (Blue)

16 Votes
Rs.1,299 Rs.1,899

Hillson Beston Safety Shoe (Size-8 UK, Black)

12 Votes
Rs.439 Rs.495

Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe, Size-9 UK, Black

35 Votes
Rs.1,519 Rs.2,125

3M 5622 Littmann Classic Stethoscope III - Navy blue

27 Votes
Rs.7,750 Rs.11,770

3M 5803 Littmann Classic Stethoscope III - Black edition

27 Votes
Rs.9,220 Rs.14,200

Mx Ac Line Fault Detector - Mx 1177

52 Votes
Rs.273 Rs.499

OxiClear Pollution Mask

25 Votes

Generic Arduino UNO Kit for Robotic Projects

24 Votes
Rs.653 Rs.850

Hillson Nucleus ISI Marked Safety Shoe, Size-10 UK, Black

23 Votes
Rs.1,033 Rs.1,399
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