Washing Machine Buying Guide - Choose the best washing machine

Washing machines have become an inevitable part of our household appliances and selecting the right one for yourself can be a task. Getting to select a washing machine in India will depend on your ability to analyse some factors and things to consider before buying washing machine of your choice. 

Basically, a good number of washing machines differ in terms of features, capacity and load and function. These also have unique features such as quick wash, wash programs, protective rat mesh, child lock, hot wash/temperature control, digital display and so on. 

Differentiating factors of a washing machine:

1. Washing machine loading type: when you talk about the loading type, you have to choose between front loading machine and top loading machine. 

2. Washing machine function type: Washing machine can be semi automatic or fully automatic, depending on the one that will suit your needs and budget. 

3. Capacity: There are small and large capacity washing machine. Your choice may vary depending on the size of your family and washing frequency.

Types of washing machine 

Depending on the amount of manual labour and number of functions, washing machines are categorized into two types:

1. Semi automatic washing machine:

It is considered to be entry level washing machine. Normally, this machine has two hubs - one for washing and other for drying. 

For washing put clothes in the washing tubs, after washing you have to manually move the clothes to the drying tub. Overall, this type of machine requires a lot of human intervention and manual work. 

2. Fully automatic washing machine:

It is sub categorized into two based on the form where clothes are loaded. 

a. Top load washing machine 

b. Front load washing machine 

Fully automatic washing machines make the washing process fully automatic and human intervention nominal. It has only one tub for both washing and drying. Just you need to put clothes in the washing machine and start the machine, that's it. No need to pouring water for wash or rinse and move clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub. 

Only you need to get to the machine after the wash cycle starts is to take out the clothes. 

Top load washing machine: 

As the name suggests, clothes are loaded from the top side as it's tub sits vertically in the machine. It has a single tubes for both washing and drying, no need to move clothes in between the tubs. Top loading washing machine attached to water inlet tap, the machine controls when to take or stop water to maintain the required level of water. It has fewer wash programs compared to its counterpart front load washing machine, but they are easy to use and most economical. 

  • Deep water setting available 
  • Shorter wash times generally 
  • Load and unload comfortably without bending over 
  • Choose from agitator or impeller wash action 

Front loading washing machine 

As the name suggests, clothes in such washing machine are loaded from the front side as its drums sits horizontally. The front load washing machine is an advanced technology washing machine nowadays. It is equipped with lots of advanced features like a timer for when to start and stop the machine, soak the clothes, a hot water supply, more than 30 wash programs and an advanced child lock. 

  • Useless water per load 
  • High spin speeds for shorter dry times 
  • Save space by stacking 
  • Often provides greater capacity 

Washing Machine Capacity 

Washing machine capacity depends on the number of people are in your family. It is measured in kilograms, it is directly linked with weight of the clothes that you are planning to wash. Some clothes are lightweight but takes much space such as blanket, whereas some other clothes, height weight but takes little space like jeans. It is advisable that, fill the drum one of the third only so that clothes can move easily and gives better wash quality. 

Things to keep in mind before buying a washing machine:

Material used in the drum/tub: The tub is made of stainless steel, porcelain enamel or plastic. Plastic tubs last longer than enamel that can ship and rust. Nevertheless, the stainless steel tubs are the best, in view of the fact that they can withstand high spin speeds and they are the most long lasting. 

Wash settings: Some of the available washing machines come with wash programs like water level alternatives and gentle wash for frail clothes. With any of these washing machines, it is possible for you to customize and save favorite settings, which can be adjusted through a touch screen, touchpad or rotary controls. Washing machine with wash settings are the cheapest. 

Spin cycle: This feature is used for drying clothes and it is determined as revolutions per minute. Note the fact that the higer the revolutions per minute, the better it will dry your clothes, depending on the types of clothes you want to dry. The spin cycle for frail clothes is 300 to 500 rpm, while the spin cycle for thicker clothes like jeans is around 1000 rpm. 

Fuzzy logic: This is the feature that selects the best washing conditions automatically, depending on the quality of the clothes you are washing. In addition, fuzzy logic notices the weight of the laundry and subsequently establishes how much time, detergent and water needed to clean the load, hence, there is no hassle for you concerning the settings of the washing machine. 

Temperature control: This is the feature that will help you regulate the temperature of the water, if the washing machine comes with an in built heater. Temperature control is very useful during winter. Apart from that, hot water will clean your clothes better than cold water. There are also a number of machines with steam setting that also help in fighting stains and dirt. 

Time delay: Gives you the opportunity of loading your washing machine with the intention of starting it afterward. Time delay feature is beneficial if you want to shun noise at particular times. On the other hand, the pre soak feature lets you soak your clothes for a certain period of time, before the wash cycle begins automatically. 

The bottomline of this discussion is that the top loading washing machines are easy to handle and less expensive with less maintenance. Front loading type on the other hand are better in efficiency and performance but will have more maintenance. 


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