Five Star Instant China Grass Mix Badam Pista, 100 g Box - Pack of 4


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Categories: Grocery & Gourmet FoodsReady To Eat & CookInstant Custard
China Grass Mix Is A Quick And Easy To Prepare Milk-Based Dessert | Flavour: Badam Pista
China Grass Appear In Long, Translucent Strands. These Strands When Powdered, Will Give You Agar Flakes. Flakes And Strands Are Slightly Harder To Work With, As They Need To Soak Till They Soften, And Then Boiled In Water For A While To Be Dissolved Completely
How To Use: Soak It In Water For 10 Minutes To Soften It, Then Bring To A Boil While Stirring Until It Dissolves Completely. Add Color, Flavour, Coconut Milk Or Fruit Pure