Yogabar Almond Butter | Dark Chocolate | Keto Choco Spread with Whey Protein, Iron & Magnesium | Bread Spread Made with


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Categories: Grocery & Gourmet FoodsJams, Honey & SpreadsSandwich Spreads
LESS SUGAR & MORE IRON: Yummy & Guilt-Free Nut Butter with 80% less Sugar than other Leading Brands. More Iron & Magesium than Peanut Butter.
EACH SERVE WITH 25% PROTEIN: 10g Protein per Serving, including 5g BCAA Complete Protein, with the goodness of Belgian Dark Chocolate.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS ONLY: 70% Almonds + Milk Protein + Chia Seeds + Flax Seeds. Processed Sugar Free, No Added Preservatives, and only Great Tasting Stuff.
FORGET PEANUT BUTTER? Yogabar Almond Butter gives you more Iron & Magnesium for the same amount of Calories.
Use it as a Chocolate Spread, with Oatmeal, Milk Shake or Smoothie, or as a Keto Snack with Cookies