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While every laptop/desktop/mac includes a built-in speaker (or two), those speakers don't do your audio justice. They're fine for hearing beeps and other alerts, but if you want to get the most out of your music, movies, and games, you need something more capable. The easiest solution is a set of computer speakers--a self-powered system you simply plug into your computer's audio-out jack and enjoy.

The variety of computer speakers, and their ranges of price and quality, are wider than ever, while the opportunities to test speakers yourself before buying are few. Here are our tips for choosing a set of computer speakers for your desktop. (We focus on stereo--left/right--speaker systems here, not surround-sound systems.)

Specs and sound quality: Ignore manufacturers' specifications--especially frequency response numbers. There's no standard testing methodology for speakers, and many vendors exaggerate their specs--often laughably so--making them essentially worthless. With very few exceptions, you can't rely on these numbers to tell you anything about a system's audio quality. Instead, use your ears; if you can't audition a system in person, read reviews from sources you trust. A good speaker system provides good balance between the treble (upper), midrange, and bass (lower) frequencies, producing full, rich sound while preserving detail.

While it's not difficult to find a set of speakers that offers enjoyable detail and midrange frequencies, quality bass is a bigger challenge. Speakers (including subwoofers) that use small drivers simply can't reproduce the lowest notes. In an attempt to give the impression of bass performance, many vendors tweak their speakers to pump out prominent upper-bass frequencies. This approach adds some punch, but it can also make the speakers sound boomy or thumpy--a trait that becomes fatiguing over time. If deep, controlled bass is important to you, you'll need speakers with relatively large woofers. Otherwise, consider a set of speakers that forgoes the lowest frequencies altogether in favor of accurate sound across the rest of the audio spectrum.

Inputs: Some speakers offer only a single audio connection, limiting you to listening to sound from your computer. If you'll want to listen to other audio sources, look for a system with additional inputs; these days, many speakers offer at least a second audio-input jack (preferably within reach for easy access--not under your desk) for connecting an iPod, iPhone, or other source.

Controls: The most-basic systems have no controls of their own; you connect your computer and then adjust output volume using your computer's own volume controls. We prefer systems that provide their own volume control; even better, many systems let you adjust bass and treble levels to fine-tune audio output for your particular listening environment. If the speakers you're considering include such controls, be sure they're easily reachable: on the left or right speaker or satellite, or on a control pod or remote control, rather than on the back of a subwoofer under your desk.

Appearance: While the design of a set of speakers may not be important to everyone, keep in mind that you'll be looking at those speakers whenever you're sitting at your computer, so you need to be happy with the view. On the other hand, what looks shiny and stylish in official PR shots may look plasticky and attract dust and fingerprints in real-world use; what looks stunning at first may look gaudy or tacky after a few weeks (or in a year or two when the flashy design is dated).

Price: To some extent, the more you pay for a set of speakers, the better the sound quality or the more features you get--or both. Fortunately, speakers are among the most heavily discounted computer accessories. So be sure to shop around; your budget may get you more than you think.

Recommended speakers:
If you can audition speakers before you buy, bring a variety of your favorite music and take your time; while a store isn't an ideal environment for testing, it's better than nothing and it can let you separate the good from the obviously bad. To help you narrow down your choices, or further filter your options, here are a few of our recent top-rated speaker systems.

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Logitech Z120 Stereo Speaker (Black and White)

42 Votes
Rs.873 Rs.1,095

Frontech Multimedia Speakers 2.0 Model JIL3400

16 Votes
Rs.444 Rs.899

Terabyte TB-015 2.0 Speakers

12 Votes
Rs.190 Rs.699


4 Votes
Rs.195 Rs.360

iBall Decor 9 Computer Multimedia Speakers

0 Votes
Rs.500 Rs.945

Creative Multimedia 2.0 Speaker SBS A50

0 Votes
Rs.809 Rs.999

Dell AX210 USB Powered Speakers

0 Votes
Rs.923 Rs.1,899

Creative Multimedia 2.0 Speaker SBS A60

0 Votes
Rs.929 Rs.1,099

Quantum QHM611 Mini Speakers

0 Votes
Rs.190 Rs.299

Redgear Hell Scream GS201 Gaming Speakers

0 Votes
Rs.607 Rs.799

iBall Raaga 2.1 Q9 Full Wood Speakers (Rosewood)

0 Votes
Rs.1,259 Rs.1,875

Philips Spa 65 PC Speakers (Black)

0 Votes
Rs.654 Rs.899

Zebronics Igloo 2.0 Multimedia Speaker (Purple)

0 Votes
Rs.375 Rs.899

Creative SBS A35 2.0 Speaker

0 Votes
Rs.503 Rs.899

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker (Black)

0 Votes
Rs.8,999 Rs.16,495

Zebronics Igloo 2.0 Multimedia Speaker (Blue)

0 Votes
Rs.399 Rs.499

Lenovo M0520 Multimedia Speakers (Black)

0 Votes
Rs.799 Rs.1,890

Quantum QHM6200 USB Speaker

0 Votes

Hp 2.0 Compact Speakers

0 Votes

iBall MusiLive BT39 Portable Speakers (Black/Blue)

0 Votes
Rs.1,499 Rs.2,299
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