AllExtreme EXSWBB1 Bike Exhaust Universal Silencer Wrap Heat Shield Protector with Clip Compatible for Royal Enfield


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Bike silencer wrap with clamp, designed to be installed with out having to wet roll before installation this makes our heat wrap thinner and much more pliable for a tight and secure wrap
Bike exhaust heat shield, brand new heat wrap made of high quality silicate fibre with special coatings to reduce under hood temperatures resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance
Durable, tight woven, and easy heat-shield 3 metre length insulation exhaust wrap this heat wrap is very durable and tight woven, it can handle up to 2200 °f it is perfect for turbo manifold, exhaust header and downpipe
Special weave to ensure easier wrap around bends the bends of exhaust silencer.
Perfect for Motorcycle, Harley Davidson, Yamaha and other Motorcycles exhaust pipes insulation.
Country of Origin: India