Canned Vegetables

KEYA Oregano -9 g and Red Chilli Flakes -40 g Combo

Rating:  4 . 217 reviews

₹160 Ex Tax: ₹160

Product 1- OreganoProduct 2- Chilli FlakesCombo Pack of 2..

Dolce Vita Pomodori Pelati Peeled Tomatoes, 400g

Rating:  4.6 . 109 reviews

₹125 Ex Tax: ₹125

Ripened under the sun of Mediterranean, Chosen by traditional methods and selected from fields of fertile plain of San Marzano,Ideal for making Salsa, Marinara, Pasta and Pizza Sau..

Keya Oregano (Freeze Dried), Imported Pure Herb Sprinkler , 9 Grams

Rating:  4 . 322 reviews

₹105 Ex Tax: ₹105

Authentic Taste and Exquisite FlavorFreeze dried to give 3 times more aroma than normal air dried herbsMake your Pasta, Pizza, Italian Salads, Sauces, Risotto, Roasts, Marinades, D..

Habit Veg jalapenos Sliced 680gram

Rating:  4.2 . 90 reviews

₹140 Ex Tax: ₹140

Habit pure vegetarian jalapenos sliced..

Morton Sarson Ka Saag Plain, 450 g (Pack of 2)

Rating:  4.2 . 42 reviews

₹135 Ex Tax: ₹135

Canned & jarred food - vegetables..

Abbie's Sweet Corn Kernels, 400g, Pack of 2

Rating:  3.9 . 175 reviews

₹123 Ex Tax: ₹123

Quantity: 400gPack of 2Can be used as a Pizza topping, or in Salads..

Keya Basil, 12g

Rating:  4.4 . 99 reviews

₹109 Ex Tax: ₹109

Make your Pasta, Pizza, Italian Salads, Sauces, Risotto, Roasts, Marinades, Dressings and Infused Oils taste like never before using Keya OreganoComes with easy to use 2 way flip t..

Casa Rinaldi Sundried Tomato in Oil, 270gm

Rating:  4.1 . 54 reviews

₹279 Ex Tax: ₹279

Sundried tomato is ripe tomatoes that lose most of there water contents after spending the majority of the drying time in the sun, sundried tomatoes preserved in olive oil with oth..

Keya Lemongrass, 12g

Rating:  3.4 . 49 reviews

₹109 Ex Tax: ₹109

Freeze dried technology gives you 3X more aroma compared to Air dried herbsHandpicked and manually sorted fresh herbs stored in a moisture resistant glass bottle ensure sustained p..

Desi Treat Baby Corn , 800g

Rating:  4.8 . 7 reviews

₹251 Ex Tax: ₹251

Rich in Fibers and nutrientsRich source of Folate | No added preservatives24 Months shelf life | Farm FoodSufficient for 4 people (Net content 400g)Low in calories | Low-carb Veggi..

Morton Tomato Puree, 850 g (Pack of 2)

Rating:  3.9 . 15 reviews

₹171 Ex Tax: ₹171

Tomatoes - tomato paste..

Morton Sweet Corn (Cream Style), 400 g (Pack of 3)

Rating:  3.6 . 26 reviews

₹162 Ex Tax: ₹162

Canned & jarred food - vegetables - sweet corn..

The Chef's Optima Bamboo Shoot Halves in Water, 2 x 552 g

Rating:  3.7 . 12 reviews

₹380 Ex Tax: ₹380

No added preservativesContol bad cholesterolAnd for more convenience, they are available in an easy open can so you can directly add them to your dish!Suitable for a wide range of ..

Figaro Pitted Black & Pitted Green Olives Combo Pack, 2 x 420 g

₹355 Ex Tax: ₹355

Low in cholesterolLow in fatGood for healthUse in different type of dishesPack contains: 1 pitted black olives in jar & 1 pitted green olives in jar..

Daucy Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, 400g

Rating:  3.7 . 41 reviews

₹225 Ex Tax: ₹225

Baked beans are finest white beans cooked in a rich tomato sauce. Baked Beans is source of protein, an essential building block for healthy muscles and bones, creating a nourishing..

Morton Tomato Puree, 450 g (Pack of 3)

Rating:  3.8 . 35 reviews

₹165 Ex Tax: ₹165

Tomatoes - tomato paste..

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Imported), 910g

Rating:  4.6 . 8 reviews

₹895 Ex Tax: ₹895

This is a vegetarian productHeinz tomato ketchup easy squeeze bottleDelicious on fries, burgers, chicken, hot dogs or anywhere you use ketchupFor best results, refrigerate after op..

Keya Mint, 7g

Rating:  4 . 62 reviews

₹109 Ex Tax: ₹109

Mint is a herb which has most diverse functions.Used as sprinklerCan be used in cookingNo preservatives, no fillers, no additives, no anti-caking agents, no MSG100% Pure and natura..

Keya Parsley, 15g

Rating:  4.1 . 49 reviews

₹109 Ex Tax: ₹109

Keya uses Freeze dried technology that gives you 3X more aroma compared to Air dried herbs.Comes in stylish easy to use and moisture resistant packagingMake your Garnish, Soups, St..

Neo Foods Sliced Red Paprika 180g Pack of 2

₹198 Ex Tax: ₹198

These Red Paprika can be used with other veggies as pizza toppings. For exotic cheese burgers. Salads and sandwiches are absolutely incomplete without these sliced Red Paprika. Thi..

Dryfruit Mart Dehydrated Beetroot Powder (100)

Rating:  4.3 . 10 reviews

₹146 Ex Tax: ₹146

Beets boast an impressive nutritional profileRed beet powder can be used in gravies, sauces, soups, or to provide colour in any recipe. These beets are dehydrated and then ground i..

Neo Foods Sliced Jalapeno 180g Pack of 2

₹198 Ex Tax: ₹198

These flavorful sliced Jalapenos can be used with other veggies as pizza toppings. For exotic cheese burgers, jalapenos are one of the most essential ingredients. Salads and sandwi..

Alif Himalayan, Kashmiri Morel Mushrooms Morchella, Gucchi 25g

₹899 Ex Tax: ₹899

Wild and Healthy Himalayan Morel MushroomsMorels are among the most prized of the wild mushrooms found. From the best kitchens and the most celebrated chefs in the world, to home c..

Habit Premium Whole Kernel Sweet Corn,410g (Pack of 4)

Rating:  3 . 1 reviews

₹299 Ex Tax: ₹299

Habit Premium Whole Kernel Sweet Corn..

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