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Canned & Jarred Food

Many forms of fruits and vegetables count in meeting the daily intake recommendations. There are a variety of options from which to choose, including fresh, frozen, canned or dried. If purchasing canned or packaged produce items, make sure to read the Nutrition Facts label to avoid selections that contain added sugars, salt, or sources of saturated fat. 

Note that the same manufacturer of canned or packaged produce items may have the same product in low sodium or “no salt added” variety, especially when looking for canned vegetables. As for packaged fruits, look for those packed in juice instead of those in heavy syrups to avoid extra calories from added sugars.

There are several benefits to choosing canned foods. Canned foods often are less expensive than their fresh counterpart, are not seasonal -- so they can be purchased year round and may contain more vitamins and minerals because they are canned straight from harvest which will preserve the nutrients. If you purchase canned vegetables, your best choice is canned no added salt versions. Canned vegetables often contain high amounts of sodium so purchasing those with no added salt, helps cut down on your sodium intake. Often, side by side they will be the same price as regular canned foods. If purchasing canned fruit, choose canned fruit that is packed in its own juice or in a fruit juice to cut down on added sugars from heavy syrup.

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Disano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

0 Votes

Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

84 Votes

Disano Pure Olive Oil

68 Votes

24 Mantra Organic Tur Dal

62 Votes

Figaro Olive Oil Spanish Products

60 Votes

Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil

58 Votes

Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil -1L-glass bottle

56 Votes
Rs.806 Rs.1,250

Keya Lemongrass, 12g

19 Votes

24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal

32 Votes

Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

32 Votes
Rs.515 Rs.750

Borges Olive Oil Extra Light Flavours of Olives, 5L

30 Votes
Rs.3,029 Rs.4,995

Disano Olive Pomace Oil

30 Votes

Agro Fresh Regular Toor Dal, 1kg

30 Votes
Rs.98 Rs.118

Patanjali Rose Body Cleanser, 125g

15 Votes
Rs.42 Rs.45

Disano Olive Oil Extra Light Flavour

28 Votes

Colavita Extra Virgin

28 Votes

By Nature Chia Seeds, 100g

28 Votes
Rs.160 Rs.175

Nourish Vitals Granola Snack Bar - 250g

14 Votes
Rs.399 Rs.625

Kinsfolk Pomace Olive Oil - 5 Litre

26 Votes
Rs.1,313 Rs.2,998

Knorr Classic Tomato Soup, 53g

12 Votes
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