Boult Audio Tru5ive review: Great battery life, mixed audio performance is a letdown

Specifications: Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX7 water proof, 55mAh battery, 7.5 grams each, 650mAh battery case, 55 grams (case weight)

Boult Audio was amongst the first brands to launch wireless earbuds with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with the Tru5ive. The Tru5ive is also the company’s first true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud style headphones.

Boult has taken care of most of the issues that TWS earbuds suffer from in the design department. Not only do you get angled earbuds that sit comfortably outside the ear canal, you also get option of earloops and earfins to attach for a secure fit. Moreover, you get the earloops and earfins in option of grey, neon green and pink colour options. The earbuds have indicator lights on the back along with power button that double for pairing – we liked that the button gave a good tactile feedback. We used the headphone with the earloops and found them to be comfortable to wear plus they don’t get loose and fall out while jogging/running. Since they are IPX7 certified, you dont have to worry about the headphones getting wet with water/sweat also.

As with most TWS headphones, the Tru5ive also come with a charging case. We liked that Boult Audio has opted for a clear top cover – this makes it easy to view the charging status of the headphones in the case. The charging case has a 650mAh battery and support storing the earbuds with the earloops or earfins attached – smart implementation. There is a charging level indicator plus a button to see the current battery level on the case. On the side is a microUSB port for charging.

Since the earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, they don’t need to be manually connected to each other. You just need to take them out of the charging case and they automatically connect with each other first followed by connection to your paired smartphone/computer. Another benefit of Bluetooth 5.0 is that the Tru5ive lets you hear voice calls on both earbuds instead of just one earbud – another issue on most other similar priced options.

Audio quality is a mixed bag. While Boult claims that the headphones have built-in micro woofers for extra bass, we found the bass level to be average. It’s not as deep or thumping as we expected. Also, there is a audio/video sync delay with video streaming service which is a bit letdown. Audio clarity is where the earbuds score – we liked the clear output which is well balanced. The built-in microphone works well for voice calls as long as you are not in a noise environment.

Battery life is also great. A single charge gave us close to 4 hours of battery life (70% volume). With the charging case, you can recharge the headphones by 3 times – this means that you can have over 12 hours of playback on one charge. Overall, in our opinion the Boult Tru5ive wins on the design but the mixed audio performance is a letdown. In the same price, we would recommend you consider the Noise Shots or Nu Republic Jaxxbuds.

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