MADONNA Bonn Acrylic 4.5 feet Rectangular Bathtub - Brown

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MADONNA Bonn Acrylic 4.5 feet Rectangular Bathtub - Brown

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  • Made from premium lucite acrylic sheet to give smooth and silken feel to your skin and to make bathing a joyous experience
  • Fibreglass reinforcement to make it strong, sturdy, shock resistant and impact resistant. Adults, bring out your inner child and feel free to jump, play or dance in the bathtub without care
  • Length 4.5 ft or 1372 mm, Breadth: 2.5 ft or 770 mm, Height 16 inches or 395 mm. Cozy bathtub ergonomically designed to fit into small bathrooms but allowing you maximum internal space to enjoy and feel the stress and tiredness ooze out
  • Fixed bathtub with integral lumbar and arm-rest support allowing you to comfortably settle in your head and arms for a sensuous bath. Customization in sizes available in case you have problems with your bathroom size (contact us to let us help you). Plus, we hold your hand and guide you through the enitre process - beacuse you are not just a customer but our brand ambassador and we take that very seriously.
  • 1 year blanket warranty covering all aspects. Plus, technical and design guidance available on call